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Conclusions Regarding IBS in Summit, NJ

IBS-D is no more than a collection of different conditions rather than a single separate entity (see chart). Physicians frequently use this term as a “catch-all” or “wastebasket” diagnosis when an answer cannot be given to the patient. Physicians should pursue further work-up on their patients and stop only when a definite clinical entity is identified and treated satisfactorily.

To fall short in their work up and tag patients with a diagnosis of “IBS” or “IBD” in Summit, NJ, results in dissatisfied patients that continue to change physicians in the hope of getting relief from these devastating symptoms. The term “IBS” is vague and is frequently used to satisfy the puzzled physician and a desperate patient.

A Dedicated Gastrointestinal Specialist in Summit, NJ

Gastrointestinal disorders can wreak havoc on your life and overall well-being. Dr. Habba believes that you should not have to suffer from the symptoms of IBS, including Habba Syndrome, any longer than necessary. That is why he focuses on providing gastroenterology to those in need of his help.

Whether he is performing a colonoscopy or diagnosing the precise kind of inflammatory bowel disease you have, you can count on Dr. Habba getting to the bottom of your issue and helping you work towards a positive outcome. IBS can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful, and we want to help put it behind you.

Minimizing the Effects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr. Habba is a gastrointestinal specialist in Summit, NJ, that’s focused on providing care to those suffering from IBS and related gastrointestinal disorders. Since this is where he is focused, many of the patients that turn to him for treatment find themselves seeing a lot better results than when they visit a doctor that may not primarily focus on gastroenterology.

So what makes Dr. Habba so different? It is because he understands that there are many different nuances to IBS and how to treat it. With decades of experience and extensive credentials behind him, Dr. Habba is a true master of his field and can use this knowledge to his advantage when coming up with treatment plans specifically designed for you and your issues.

It is time for you to take a turn on your gastroenterology troubles by reaching out to Dr. Habba and his staff. We are ready to consult with you to learn more about your situation and get to the root of the problem so that a proper treatment plan can be started. Finally, there is a way for you to minimize the discomforts you experience through IBS.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our GI doctor. Our gastroenterology services are available to patients located throughout the Summit, New Jersey, area. IBS and IBD Study in Summit, NJ