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Habba Syndrome in Summit, NJ

Maintain your health and combat difficult conditions when you turn to Dr. Habba for treatment of Habba Syndrome in Summit, NJ. This local gastroenterologist offers targeted treatment to help you recover. These treatment options will address the source of your distressing gallbladder issues so that you can continue your regular activities. Reach out to Dr. Habba today to discuss your symptoms and treatment plan.

The Gallbladder | Habba Syndrome in Summit, NJ

What is Habba Syndrome?

Habba Syndrome is an association between a dysfunctional, intact gallbladder and chronic diarrhea. Patients dealing with Habba Syndrome often experience varying degrees of chronic diarrhea, with three or more bowel movements per day for at least three months. In most cases, diarrhea is rarely nocturnal, unless the patient had a late meal close to bedtime.

These symptoms can be stressful for individuals to deal with, and in many cases, the patient is incorrectly diagnosed with IBS, gallbladder disease, or a related condition. Dr. Habba found that this type of diarrhea is associated with a dysfunctional gallbladder.

You do not have to deal with the social embarrassment and distress related to these symptoms. Schedule a consultation to meet with a local gastroenterologist to discover the source of your condition.

Your Habba Syndrome Diagnosis

Because the symptoms of Habba disease can resemble other conditions, it is important to undergo the proper tests for an accurate diagnosis. Your gallbladder function is only determined by an abnormal radio-nuclear test that studies the function of the gallbladder (HIDA/DISIDA scan with CCK injection). This test is non-invasive and can be performed in all well-equipped hospitals and radiology centers.

Treatment for Habba Syndrome

In many situations, patients living with Habba Syndrome have a normal ultrasound of the gallbladder. If Dr. Habba determines that you have this condition, he will start Habba Syndrome treatment. Therapy is aimed at changing the constitution of bile acids, decreasing the diarrheal effect of these acids. These agents have been proven safe, effective, and inexpensive, and many are available in generic forms.

For most patients, symptoms should improve within a few days of continuous treatment. Dr. Habba will review your dosage and make adjustments as needed.

Contact Dr. Habba in Summit, New Jersey, for a consultation on your symptoms. Dr. Habba offers treatment for those dealing with gallbladder issues throughout the area.